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A Non-Profit Community Action Agency

BRAD'S Central Office
1403 Hospital Drive
Pocahontas, AR 72455
Ph: (870) 892-4547
Fax: (870) 892-0707

Office Hours

7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Mission Statement

To reduce heating and cooling costs for the low-income families, particularly for the elderly, people with disabilities, and children, by improving the energy efficiency of their homes while ensuring their health and safety.

What is Weatherization?

The Department of Energyís Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is the nationís core program for delivering energy efficiency services to low-income households. The programís goal is to reduce energy costs to low-income persons by improving the energy efficiency of their homes while ensuring their health and safety. Nationwide, weatherization benefits low-income households and communities and generates an average energy cost savings of $300 per home each year. Professionally trained weatherization crews perform on-site home energy audits using state of the art equipment to identify outside drafts, inspect heating and cooling systems and perform health and safety checks. Weatherization crews install materials to make homes more energy efficient and make minor repairs to ensure safety. Once installed, the energy saving measures help to reduce heating and cooling costs for years to come.

What You Could Expect from the Weatherization Program?


Qualified participants must be property owners or renters, and have income at or below 200% of current Federal Poverty Guidelines:

Size Of Family Unit Threshold 200%
1 $11,770 $23,540
2 $15,930 $31,860
3 $20,090 $40,180
4 $24,250 $48,500
5 $28,410 $56'820
6 $32,570 $65,140
7 $36,730 $73,460
8 $40,890 $81,780

For families with more than 8 persons, 100% of poverty level increases $4,160 for each additional person. Therefore, for weatherization at 200% of poverty level, add $8230 for each additional person.

Definition Of Household Income

Refers to total cash receipts before taxes from all sources. Money, wages and salaries before any deductions; regular payments from Social Security, retirement from all sources, unemployment compensation, strike benefits from union funds, workerís compensation, veteranís payments, training stipends, alimony and military family allotments; private pensions, government employee pensions (including military retirement pay), and regular insurance or annuity payment; dividends, interest, net rental income, net royalties, periodic receipts from estates or trusts, and net gambling or lottery winnings.

Proof of income includes copies of payroll checks or check stubs, statement from employer, statement from Employment Office, statement from Social Security Administration or a statement from anyone who is assisting with monthly household bills or other support. If unemployed, a statement from Employment Office with benefit amount or showing you do not have an open claim.

Zero Income?
In there is no source of income for the household, then you can supply BRAD with two corroborating statements from two non relatives that testify your income is zero.


  1. Elderly and disabled
  2. Families with children under 18
  3. Documented high energy users

Funding Sources

How to Apply for the Weatherization Program

  1. Pick up an application or request one be mailed to you.
  2. Complete the application and provide income documentation and proof of ownership OR, if you live in a rental unit, you must provide a statement from the landlord agreeing to the service. (Rental agreements are available through BRAD)
  3. Allow time for your application to be processed, and if approved you will be placed on our priority waiting list.
  4. BRAD will notify you of your status by mail, phone, email and any other attempt possible.
  5. Click here to download WAP Application, (En Espanol), Rental Agreement, Zero Income Certification.

For More Information Contact:

Johnie Dean
Weatherization Director
Black River Area Development, Corp. (BRAD)
1403 Hospital Drive
Pocahontas, AR 72455
E-Mail Johnie Dean